Things to Know About Pool Remodeling

Having your own pool is a great way to workout, entertain, and relax. You can enjoy hours of sunshine, clear skies, and blue waters from the comfort of your house. But, your pool will start to show age with outdated designs, cracks, and fading finishes over time.  

Keeping your swimming pool clean is just as vital as any other chores you do for your house. It might be appealing to put it off, however, pool maintenance and pool cleaning are crucial to the operation of your pool.  

If you’re tired of constantly hiring pool cleaners in Boca Raton to clean your pool, it might be best to remodel it. Here are several things you should know: 


A pool remodel can actually change your pool so that it requires less maintenance. This is especially true if you are tired of pool maintenance. This can include installing an automatic cleaner, changing or upgrading particular equipment, or converting to a saltwater system. 


Personalizing and customizing your pool is an ideal way to offer it a fresh appearance and make it feel new. If you want to have your own spa, you can add one and make your lawn feel like an expensive resort. If you want to set your pool and create an ambiance, you should consider improving the deck of your home. If you want to transform your pool into an oasis, you should consider adding tropical plants, natural stones, waterfalls, fountains, and streams.  

Safety Features 

You might not have added all of the available safety features when you installed your pool first. Pool safety features include adding a pool fence that will keep out kids who can’t swim, railings, or ladders. Pool safety covers and safety nets offer a secure and safe barrier for the pool so kids cannot fall through.  

A pool alarm is another form of a pool safety feature. This can include a wrist alarm for a kid, a perimeter alarm, a window alarm, a gate alarm, or a door alarm. 

Pool Resurfacing 

Aside from changing the style, pool surfaces have to be replaced every 1-2 decades. This greatly depends on the finished utilized and how well the water chemicals have been maintained. Because of this, resurfacing the pool is one of the most important maintenance tasks. Resurfacing the pool does not affect the pool’s shell. It only replaces the layer of the finish. 

The money needed to resurface a pool can greatly depend on the area of the pool, the size of the pool, the interior finish, and much more. The kind of pool you’ve got will also identify the right method to use for resurfacing.  


Adding lighting is another way to improve the look of your pool. It’s also very crucial for safety. You have to consider this feature if you like to entertain guests. Lighting will improve visibility if any of your friends or family like to swim at night. Typically, pool lighting is a minor investment and will not require a lot of money.  

How to Make Your Pool Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient?

Nowadays, there are a lot of options to choose from when building an energy-efficient pool. This is very important if you want to save money on your monthly utility bill or you are worried about the environmental impact of maintaining the pool. 

Aside from regularly hiring pool cleaners in Boca Raton, here are several tips you can follow to make your pool energy-efficient and eco-friendly if you’re planning to install one this summer.  

Solar Technology 

Harnessing the power of the sun is one way to save energy. Solar covers and solar heaters absorb thermal energy from the sun to warm the pool water. Solar heaters utilize energy collecting panels and are great for heating your pool during a cold day. In addition to that, solar covers will keep the pool warm at night by trapping the rays of the sun with their air pockets.  

Install Windbreaks 

Outdoor swimming pool operators and owners have to think about the suitability of installing windbreaks. The reason for this is that even minor winds can improve evaporation rates. A simple 7mph wind on the surface of your pool can improve energy consumption by 250%. To limit turbulence over the surface of the pool, the windbreaks have to be close enough and tall enough. A fence with plant cover, a solid fence, a screen, or a wall should do the job. 

Utilize an Efficient Filter, Heater, and Pump 

One of the ideal ways to make your pool energy-efficient is to upgrade to a variable speed pool pump. The reason for this is that it slows down the speed that the pump motor has to work. Aside from being eco-friendly, this can also offer quiet operation. Also, you need to ensure the BTUs of your pool heater are not overmatched for the pool and the filter is big enough that the pump does not have to work harder. 

Avoid Water Evaporation 

According to the Department of Energy in the United States, water evaporation is one of the biggest reasons for overconsumption of energy. It accounts for around 68% of overall energy lost in both indoor and outdoor pools. For those who don’t know, every week, a regular pool loses 1-1 ½ inches of water.  

If you follow these tips, you will save money. Energy-efficient pool products always pay for themselves in lowered utility bills. Thus, you can keep on saving money in the long run. The costs of owning a pool can be drastically lowered if you have proper preventative maintenance, establish excellent habits such as lowering the pool heater when not using, and investing in pool tools like pool cover or variable speed pump.  

Most heat loss of a pool happens at the surface. Evaporation is the main culprit of this. The amount of chemical water treatment will be lowered if you use a pool cover to stop water loss and heat loss. If you install an energy-efficient or multispeed pool pump, you can greatly lower the power consumption of your swimming pool by around 60%.